Ozone cleaning technology

AnnihilatorWe provide cleaning processes with use of appliances provided by top Czech producers guaranteeing fast and efficient disinfection of large and variously articulated surfaces which otherwise require mechanical cleaning procedures with use of chemical agents and which may exert higher demand on time and staff resources. Ozone is a gas easily flowing into normally inaccessible places or alcoves and it safely eradicates any bacteria or viruses which may occur in the ambience.

Cleaning and treatment procedures are carried out by professionals, i.e. highly trained staff equipped with protective means, outfit and items. After the ozone treatment, the space is left to ventilate in tens of minutes and later on the surfaces can be safely used again for their normal function.

Treated areas are then marked with an ozone treated seal informing about ozone-treated and safe for use for visitors and users or guests in the area.